The Verses on Social Media



To follow my meanderings on any subject, here’s my Twitter Feed. I recently condensed my three accounts into one, to simplify finding me.


Official Twitter Feed for The Draconic Verses, Curated by Jim Phoel aka Ye Olde Dragon. Arch-Devil at Devil’s Luck Gaming


I’ve been doing more on Facebook the last few months, from posting videos to quick updates that feed into Twitter. I usually do a quick Facebook Live video to direct folks to the Gaming videos I do on Twitch as part of DEVIL’S LUCK GAMING!



As an Arch-Devil of Devil’s Luck Gaming, I occasionally participate in some of the game testing, play, and/or reviews of all types! I also play in the tabletop games, including live streams of our currently running DUNGEONS AND DARK SOULS D&D 5th Edition Homebrew game. Head over to the Team Devil’s Luck Facebook page for more details. I usually post announcements of upcoming events!

In the (hopefully) not too distant future, I’ll be doing a review/discussion show on Twitch with some of my fellow Devils devoted to topics I cover here at The Draconic Verses.


I’ve really enjoyed doing video versions of some of my posts, since I started doing them a few months back! Please check out my YouTube Channel!


I’ve been doing graphic design and art for as long as I can remember. I started a DA account to  showcase some of my pieces. Please check it out!