RE: Design


Thought I’d post some of my design work. Any feedback would be appreciated. Most of these are a few years old.

First up, something to back up what I said a few weeks ago, about how critical I am in regards to even the packaging of my DVD’s.

This is the actual Good Times Video packaging for the 2002 40th anniversary release of King Kong Vs. Godzilla. This is what I call a case of designers who don’t care about the product. Except for the small shot of the natives on the back, NONE of the images used are even FROM the film. The Godzilla on top is from Godzilla 1985, and the one in the city is from either Megalon or Gigan. The Kong is from the 1976 remake. Both figures on front were placed into a burning city. The Kong on the back is from the original. The copy is also outdated, as it mentions the Godzilla remake as ‘forthcoming’, when it had come out 4 years earlier. The reason for that? Note that on the cover it says “35th Anniversary”. It was the VHS cover that was indeed used 5 years earlier.

Now here’s how I would’ve designed it:

I decided to go a bit simpler, and use images actually IN the film. The shots on back are screen caps from one of the battles, and the front piece is one I scanned from a massive Japanese book of publicity shots and behind the scenes info and pics about Toho. The font is one I found online that was made to look like a typical Toho film title.


Next is a conversion I did, when I needed to make a one sheet style cover for a VHS package for Goliath & the Vampires as a project. All I had to work with was the half sheet, seen here:

Here’s the finished one sheet version. I’ll post the steps I used at a later time.


Next is another composition piece that I made at least 5 months before ROTK came out. There were several tease photos released and I combined them with a font found on the internet. The copy at the top was my writing. The film info was actually taken from a poster for The Two Towers, edited slightly to reflect The Return of the King.

Let me know what you think.



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