Digital Art

Thought I’d showcase some of my 3D Art. I primarily use Daz3d for everything.
ALL images ©2011 JRPhoel
Click on images for full size.

I miss her comic. Here’s Power Girl.
Character ©2011 DC Comics, of course.
added 10/30/11

This is the full picture of the original site  header art. Lots of components, one of my most ‘populated’ piece at the moment.

This is my newest piece, and its ‘official’ unveiling. I call it “A Change of Menu’, as the Spinosaur gets distracted by a possible new entreé in the Pteranodon.

This is one of my personal favorites, because as I was making it, I kept coming up with parts of the backstory, making changes here and there to the characters. A Young girl, desperate to be a hero as her grandfather was, takes his armor & sword. Looking for ‘evil to overcome’, she ventures into a bad part of town, and runs afoul of a gang of toughs. Fortunately, Grandpa had been following her to make sure she stayed safe. As you can see, Gramps is a tough old veteran.

Another favorite of mine, as I love how the critter in this piece rendered.
A Ranger scout, on patrol as he passes a border marker.

This Minotaur was one of the first pieces I did almost 2 years ago when Daz released their Freak 4 character model.
He’s one of my favorite models to use.
I love trying to design ruins.

This piece served as the inspiration for an unplanned series of stories I’ve started writing, explaining who these characters are. It’s taking shape as a book, not connected to my ‘planned’ book(s), but set in the same milieu.

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