The above graphic should be self-explanatory.

Haruo Nakajima, who passed away yesterday – August 7, 2017 – was the firstMan in the Godzilla Suit“, and he played Godzilla from 1954 – 1972, spanning twelve films from GOJIRA (1954) thru CHIKYÛ KOGEKI MEIREI: GOJIRA TAI GAIGAN (1972) – aka GODZILLA VS GIGAN (1977 US Rel.).

For all intents and purposes, Nakajima-San WAS Godzilla.  But when it came to having a credit, that was a different story. The Japanese film credits just listed the principle actors on (mostly) solo cards, and the rest of the cast were simply listed en masse. Despite playing the central character, Nakajima-San was relegated to the crowd of faceless names.

It’s because of this that I ESPECIALLY want to get this dedication for him, to have his name and his name ONLY on its own credits card, and not relegated to the background.

Yesterday in my videos, I once again related how I’d met Nakajima-San and Kenpachiro Satsuma – who took over as “Regular, full time” Godzilla in 1984 – at G-CON NY in August, 1997 and how I’d had my first-ever glass of sake with them. Earlier in the day, they’d graciously autographed a hat for me, which I still have -I need to get a glass case for it!

The most amazing moment (probably of my life) happened when Nakajima-San showed me how to properly walk & move like Godzilla.  He said I’d done such a good job, and he called me “Jimura“.

I was stunned.

I mean, my inner child was beyond plotzing! As a kid, I always considered Godzilla a friend, and here he was, giving me a Kaiju name.

This is why I want to do this for him. This is why I made the videos and have been tweeting to anyone who’ll listen and retweet.

This is a labor of love and I need it to happen, but not for me.

This is strictly for Nakajima-San.

This is Jimura’s way of thanking him.

So I’m asking all of my Friends, Fiends, Facebook Family, Drive-In Mobsters and TCMParty-goers to PLEASE help me get thru to Legendary and make this happen!

dedicated to Haruo Nakajima.

Thanks everyone.

Close Channel D…


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