Update on @TCM’s CREATURE FEATURE Thursdays


I DO apologize for this post being closed up to now. I had to keep it private, while waiting for some approval/finalization.

Greetings Friends & Fiends.

Ye Old Dragon here with an update on this May’s CREATURE FEATURE THURSDAYS on Turner Classic Movies.

As readers no doubt know, I announced that I’d be guest-hosting the #TCMParty for the first two or three films airing each Thursday night in May.

There’s been a slight change to the schedule.

TCM is having a special guest host a live tweet for the 8:00pm movies. This host will be using #LetsMovie.

I’ll still be ‘in the room’ tweeting away the whole time, with my usual assortment of quips and information and we’ll still be having fun. I’ve been told that they’ll hand it off to me when the 8pm film ends, and it will be 100% #TCMParty for the rest of the night!

Because I’d be down to one movie on May 4, I’ve volunteered to ‘officially‘ stick around for KING KONG (1933). So there is that, at least.


Not sure about the LAST Thursday – May 25 – yet, as TARANTULA (1955) was the only movie I was guest-hosting. Again, I’ll be “in the room”, but because of my own schedule, I’m not sure at this time about more movies that night.

I’ll update on that when I can.

Close Channel D…


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