Bernie Wrightson Passes Away


Greetings, Friends and Fiends.

Ye Olde Dragon once more bearing sad tidings, unfortunately.

Late Saturday night – March 18, 2017 – legendary horror artist Bernie Wrightson passed away at the age of 68, after a long battle with brain cancer according to a post from his wife, Liz, on their Facebook page. Liz Wrightson had announced her husband’s retirement from comics this past January, after surgeries and treatments for the cancer took too much of a toll on him.

Wrightson co-created SWAMP THING with Len Wein for the July, 1971 issue of HOUSE OF SECRETS, number 92. A modified Swamp Thing next appeared in his own comic, SWAMP THING #1 (Nov-Dec, 1972).

Wrightson did tons of horror covers and stories, as well as an occasional superhero story for Marvel & DC, though with a horror bent. He contributed to the films HEAVY METAL (1981) and CREEPSHOW (1982) and illustrated Stephen King’s novella, CYCLE OF THE WEREWOLF, which was adapted into the film SILVER BULLET (1985).

It would be a gross dis-service to his memory if I didn’t mention his magnificent pencil and ink work on Marvel‘s 1983 novelization of FRANKENSTEIN. Dark Horse reprinted it in 2008 for its 25th anniversary.

I’m fortunate enough to have a few portfolios of his work, as well as an adult coloring book of his monster illustrations amidst the treasures in Ye Olde Dragon’s Den. Over the next few days, I’ll share pictures of some of them with you as I unearth them.

Rest in peace, Mr. Wrightson. Thanks for all the amazing stories.


Close Channel D.


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