Flash Vs Trickster Tonight!

Greetings Friends & Fiends!

Ye Olde Dragon here, with a blast from the past…sort of.

Tonight on the mid-season finale of The Flash, Flash (John Wesley Shipp) takes on The Trickster (Mark Hamill)!

No, it’s not a repeat from the 90s, it’s Jay Garrick taking on his Earth’s version of Hamill‘s Trickster, who looks more like ANOTHER clownish character Hamill is famous for giving voice to.

In a clip from tonight’s show, Jay uses his helmet to catch Trickster’s machine gun fire, which is a classic maneuver the character did in the comics all the time.

Can’t wait to see the whole show, as Barry shows up to enlist Jay’s help in dealing with ‘speed god’ Savitar. I just wish it didn’t make us wait 6-8 weeks til the next new episode & it will almost certainly be a cliffhanger of some kind.

Close Channel D…


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