Dracomics: Saturn Girl’s NOT Alone!


Greetings Friends and Fiends!

Ye Olde Dragon here, with an interesting theory.

No doubt, a number of you are reading DC‘s REBIRTH line.

Credit: DC Comics

I’ve been enjoying it immensely! It’s truly like they’ve recaptured a part of DC‘s soul once more, after so long. They found a way to bring the original Wally West back -in a way that makes a LOT of sense – which was the first main surprise of the ‘reboot‘. They also promised that the JSA and The Legion of Super-Heroes would be back as well. For the last few months, we’ve been getting hints of both. For this post, I’ll be focusing on the Legion clues.

Right off the bat, in DC Universe: Rebirth #1, as Wally was trying to stabilize his stay in this reality, we’re traveling with him to different places he’s drawn. One stop was in Gotham City Police HQ, where we find a blonde woman being interrogated about why she refused to pay for food and that she wanted to see Superman, who was a friend of hers. During the questioning she says, “I’ve seen the future.” The scene then shifts focus to a police evidence bag, containing all she was carrying – a Legion Flight Ring!

Credit: DC Comics

Then, in Batman #9 (December,2016), as Batman is walking thru Arkham, looking to construct his personal Suicide Squad to combat Bane, we pass a cell labeled, “Doe, Jane” with a blonde woman inside, who fogs the glass and draws the Legion symbol.

Credit: DC Comics

During an interview about the issue, it was confirmed that the woman WAS IN FACT Saturn Girl, founding member of the Legion.

Now, you may be wondering why I’m pointing out something so obvious, and you’d be right. But the part that is NOT obvious occurred just this week, in Titans #5 (December, 2016). As Wally/Flash is racing cross country to save his friends, Abra Kadabra – techno-wizard from the future – broadcast him on screens all over the world. Among those watching the screens, we see a man, dressed in blue, his fist clenched. But closer examination of the frame shows something interesting – a ring that sure looks a LOT like a Legion Flight Ring!

Credit: DC Comics

If this is indeed a Flight Ring, that means that Saturn Girl is not the only Legionnaire who came back in time. Considering that the civilian, 21st century clothes she wore when arrested were red, the primary color of most versions of her LSH costume, could this be Lightning Lad, her husband, whose costume’s primary color has always been blue?

This is purely supposition on my part.

For now.

I mean, it would make sense that there are other Legionnaires running around the 21st century, as they almost always worked such missions in squads and it would certainly not be unexpected for Lightning Lad to go where Saturn Girl goes. It also makes sense that most clues would come in Titans, Batman and The Flash, as these books feature the only people aware of the time-meddling that occurred after FLASHPOINT.

That’s my theory. What’s yours?

Close Channel D.


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