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Ye Olde Dragon here, with an important newsbreak! As was revealed months ago, THE INHUMANS motion picture was removed from Marvel StudiosPhase IV schedule. Its fate has been up in the air…until earlier this  evening when Marvel announced that not only would an INHUMANS TV series would come to ABC in September, 2017, but that the first two episodes would debut in movie theaters, in IMAX format, no less! The episodes will run in theaters for two weeks, and then air on ABC with EXTRA scenes. IMAX was named as a partner in the series’ production with ABC and Marvel, and that the show will be filmed in their digital format.

Credit:  Marvel Comics

Although it was said that the show will revolve around Black Bolt and the Royal Family, no showrunner or casting was announced. On Twitter, the announcement was met with reactions ranging from upset that the movie was ‘gone’, to excitement that it means more exposure for the characters and seeing them sooner, to people panicking that it means MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. would be canceled to make way for it. Marvel announced no such plan to cancel AOS, so I’m not sure what drove people to that particular conclusion. I’m sure we’ll learn more very soon!



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