BREAKING NEWS! First Sighting of KONG!


Greetings, Friends & Fiends!

Ye Olde Dragon here with a headline! Entertainment Weekly has done it again! Thanks to them, we have our FIRST LOOK at our new KING KONG, featured in the forthcoming KONG: SKULL ISLAND (2017)!

Credit: Entertainment Weekly

As you can see, he bears a striking resemblance to Willis O’Brien‘s Kong from the original 1932 classic version. The film makers told EW that they didn’t want a more ‘realistic’ ape like Sir Peter Jackson‘s giant silverback gorilla, but something that would be more of a mystery or legend – its own species, even – thus the callback to Kong ’32.

We’ve had hints of his size in the posters and teaser trailers, but now we know how he’ll appear. Another point of interest is that his fur is colored brown. Why interesting? It’s interesting because Kong’s Toho Incarnation – who famously battled Godzilla in 1962 – also had brown fur. Considering that this Kong is scheduled to meet Godzilla ’14 in 2020, that’s very appropriate! I’m looking forward to this more than ever!

KONG: SKULL ISLAND is set for release on March 10, 2017!

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