BREAKING NEWS: Kid Flash Revealed!


Greetings, Friends & Fiends!

Ye Olde Dragon here, with a news flash!

Ow. Sorry about that.

At any rate, The CW has released official images of actor Keiynan Lonsdale – who plays Wally West on THE FLASH – in his Kid Flash costume!

Credit: The CW

As you can see, the color scheme is consistent with that of “Classic” Wally West’s Kid Flash, with the Yellow and Red scheme and the open top mask. Kid Flash is set to debut in the Season 3 premiere episode titled “FLASHPOINT“.

Now HERE’S something to ponder while we eagerly await the October premiere – Knowing the title of the episode, coupled with the fact that Barry saved his mom’s life in the Season 2 finale, is Wally’s heroic turn a result of history changing – the FLASHPOINT comic story featured history being drastically altered by Barry saving his mom – or will it be the status quo from here on? Makes one rally wish it was October already!

Credit: The CW

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