Site News: A Schizoid Dragon?


Greetings, Friends and Fiends!

Ye Olde Dragon here, to try to clear a thing or two up – namely my seeming multiple-personality Twitter account.

Earlier today, I decided to activate my long dormant personal Twitter account – @ JRPhoel.

I also changed the user name on @DraconicVerses from “Jim Phoel” to “The Draconic Verses”.

The reason I did this, is because of the plans I have for this Blog. Over the next few weeks, I’ll finally be able to implement some of my plans and I want to turn it into more than just “Some guy’s blog“. I want it to have more of a polished & professional vibe, so I decided to dedicate my @DraconicVerses account strictly for my blog posts, updates & so forth. There’ll still be the same fun combo of reverence and irreverence, but my Hashtag Games, Rants/Vents about my beloved Mets, my contest/giveaway retweets (which I KNOW some of you re-retweet) and pictures/ posts about the antics of my cats, Sam & Frodo will all come from @ JRPhoel.

On top of THESE, I STILL have my @TCM_Dragon account, which I will be using, as always, whenever I’m called upon to guest-host the Grand Ole #TCMParty!

I hope that clears some of the confusion up. Here’s the description of each of the accounts, so you can make sure which to follow (or, throw caution to the wind and follow ALL THREE)!


The official Twitter account for the Blog featuring The Rants, Anecdotes, Observations and Random Thoughts from a cranky old Dragon – Curated by Jim Phoel

@ JRPhoel

Curator of THE DRACONIC VERSES; Writer, Artist, Trekker, Tolkienite, Gamer, Whovian, Medievalist (Ret.), Dad to 3 Cats, Mets Fan. May in fact be a Dragon.
PLEASE NOTE THERE’S NO SPACE BETWEEN @ & JRPhoel. I had to include it here on the page, to avoid WP from linking it.


This is an alternative acct for Jim Phoel, Curator of The Draconic Verses blog, when Guest-hosting #TCMParty. NOT officially connected with TCM.

Be Tweeting You!


…End of Line…


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