Site News: More Updates & Renovations


Greetings, Gals & Ghouls!

Ye Olde Dragon with another tad of update info about some of the coming changes to The Draconic Verses. I’ve made some design changes the past few months, to prepare for a more polished look and one of my columns really needs to be updated. The one i speak of, is my pair of DVDraconic Columns, where I review and report news about Home Releases for Imagi-Movies. Now don’t worry, I plan on getting back to doing reviews, but frankly, it needs to have the title updated. As the Beta and VHS tapes gave way to the DVD, the DVD has given way to the Blu-Ray and Digital HD Downloads and Streaming.

It’s because of this, that I am retiring the DVDraconic Columns in their original forms & titles. To better reflect the current (and future) trends, the columns will be merged and the title changed to Ye Olde Dragon’s Digital Den.


Over the next few days, I’ll be going thru the site and putting all the past columns under the new category.

Thanks for your patience thru the changes. Big things are coming!


…End of Line…


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