Draconically Speaking: Bleeding Orange and Blue

Draconically-2Mets-colors1Greetings, Friends and Fiends!

Ye Olde Dragon here, with a bit of a different posting. No doubt, you’ve noticed my lack in participation in the Grand Ole #TCMParty, especially during this past week of Halloween. It’s because of something I never expected:

My beloved New York Mets are playing in the World Series.

That being said, here’s a little piece I wrote earlier tonight on Facebook. Maybe it’ll help explain why I haven’t been around and give you some insight to what I’ve been going thru.

I’ve always been a staunch believer in “Ya Gotta Believe”, the credo coined by the late, great Tug McGraw when it comes to the Mets. That being said, I’m having a big problem buying into it at this moment. I know I should be happy that they’re at this point, playing in the World Series – as some have said “a year earlier than expected”, but to see the sloppiness that was on display last night is very disheartening. I’ve proudly bled orange & blue all these years, even putting up with jeers & derision, but there’s nothing to be proud of if they let this series slip away. I didn’t feel this way after game 1, because that was a hard fought game of 14 innings. I felt a little bummed after game 2, because of the sloppiness in THAT game, but it was only game 2. Plus, we had the whole spooky parallel between ’86 & now with the same score differences and the games won & lost. Tack onto that, that the ’86 Mets ALSO lost game 4 even though one player (in ’86 Gary Carter, last night Michal Conforto) hit TWO homers to make it EXTRA spooky. Even though the ’86 Mets went on to win it all I’m not feeling that overwhelming confidence I did then. Is it because I’m more jaded & cynical 35 years later than I was when they last won? Perhaps. It might be a case of being haunted by the grim spectre of what happened back in 2000 & 2006 when it just fell apart making it a case of “They’ll find some way to screw it up again, because they’re The Mets”. I hope I’m wrong. I hope I’ll be whooping and hollering tonight as they stave off oblivion for one more night. I hope I’ll be REALLY whooping it up Wednesday night if they take it all the way. We’ll see. If not, I’ll be looking for some mead in the very near future. Until then:
Let’s Go Mets!
Ya Gotta Believe!

End of Line…


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