Draconically Speaking: Non-Plussed In San Diego

Draconically-2Greetings, Friends and Fiends!

Ye Olde Dragon here, pondering this normally hyped time that is the weekend of San Diego Comic-Con.

I say “normally“, as there seems to be a somewhat blase feel I’m getting, as I read missives and tweets coming out of San Diego. Perhaps it’s just me, as a lot of the news is either of no interest to me, or just more of the same old same old. Some of the lack of zip COULD however be attributed to the fact Disney has held back BOTH Marvel Studios AND Lucas Films from having panels at SDCC, DESPITE them both having new films coming out THIS YEAR.  I mean, how can that NOT draw negative feelings from fans? They’re premiering ANT-MAN -NEXT WEEK- and they have no presence?? This makes no sense to me whatsoever!

Think of how starved STAR WARS fans have been at SDCC these past few years. Now FINALLY, a new film is coming out THIS DECEMBER, and again, NO PRESENCE! Considering the size and loyalty of their fanbase, I’m VERY surprised at Disney’s decision.

I’m well aware that they’re being held back for their OWN D23 “Celebration” in Anaheim, but how they can think that the fandoms DON’T consider this a snub confuses me.

As far as comics news, it’s more of the same from DC & Marvel with their ‘bold new directions’. YAWN. So far, the only comics news that REMOTELY has my interest piqued is IDW announcing MICRONAUTS and ROM, SPACENIGHT for 2016, in a blurb that was tweeted out with logos.

Credit: IDW Publishing

The only item that’s legitimately excited me so far, is DC Entertainment CCO Geoff Johns confirming that JAY GARRICK, the GOLDEN AGE FLASH would INDEED be appearing on Season 2 of the CW‘s THE FLASH. No word on casting yet.

Well, we have two days left. Come on SDCC, dazzle me.

I DARE you!

End of Line…


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