Reminder: #TCMParty for MONSTER ZERO at 8pm EDT TONIGHT!

3dTCMPartyGreetings Friends and Fiends!

Ye Olde Dragon here, reminding you to drop by the Grand Ole #TCMPARTY tonight, starting at 8:00om EDT. We’ll be joining filmmakers William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg as they host TCM’s MOVIE CAMP. The series’ mission is to introduce young movie fans to various movies, that inspired the hosts in their film making.Tonight’s film, which I’ll be the #TCMParty guest-host for is the US release version of Ishiro Honda‘s KAIJU DAI SENSO (1965), though you might know it better as MONSTER ZERO (1970), or as it was released on home video, GODZILLA vs MONSTER ZERO.

We’ll be sticking around afterwards, as TCM is showing the US version of Ishiro Honda’s masterpiece, the original GOJIRA (1954), aka GODZILLA – KING OF THE MONSTERS(1956) at 10:00pm EDT. The US version is of course, the one with the scenes of Raymond Burr added into the story by some high caliber editing by Terry Morse. It’s a lot more complicated than you might think.

In any case, please stop by and be sure to use the hashtags #TCMParty and #MonsterZero or #Godzilla, for their respective movies.

Credit: Turner Classic Movies
Credit: Turner Classic Movies
Credit: Toho
Credit: Toho


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