Update on Movies for Draconic Verses’ Guest-Hosted #TCMParty on 6/28/15

3dTCMPartyGreetings, Friends and Fiends!

Ye Olde Dragon here, with a wee bit of clarification about the two films that I’ll be guest-hosting #TCMParty for, on the evening of Sunday, June 28, 2015.

The films in question are being featured on TCM’s Summer Camp (formerly known as Essentials, Jr.). At 8:00pm EDT, we’ll be watching MONSTER ZERO (1970) and GODZILLA, KING OF THE MONSTERS (1956) follows immediately thereafter at 10:00pm EDT. What I’m clarifying, is that both of these films – according to my very reliable source within TCMwill be the US versions.

The reason I asked for a confirmation, is because I didn’t want to get caught off-guard again, as I was when I guest-hosted MOTHRA (1962), and discovered that it wasn’t the Columbia US release, but the original, Japanese Version with subtitles. It’s hard to live-tweet while reading subtitles, let me tell you!

At any rate, I hope you’ll join me at 8:00pm EDT NEXT Sunday evening as we watch MONSTER ZERO (listed as GODZILLA vs MONSTER ZERO, as that’s the home video title).

This movie actually means a lot to me, as it was my FIRST Godzilla movie. I kind of wish it was on tonight for Father’s Day, as it was my Dad who introduced Godzilla to me with this movie. He let me stay up late one Summer Saturday night, after telling me he thought I might like it, since I loved dinosaurs and anything having to do with outer space. I sat with a bowl of popcorn as the six-fingered clay-mation hand rose out of the swamp to let me know I was watching CHILLER THEATRE on WPIX 11. Soon, I was whisked away to Planet X and the rest is history.

AT 10:00pm EDT, we’ll be watching GODZILLA – KING OF THE MONSTERS (1956), which of course is Terry Morse‘s re-edited version of Ishiro Honda‘s GOJIRA (1954), with added scenes starring Raymond Burr as foreign correspondent Steve Martin (no, REALLY!).

So make sure to come by for the #TCMParty (and I wouldn’t be surprised if some mugs from the #DriveInMob showed up too!) for some city-stomping fun!!


…End of Line…


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