Reminder: Draconic Verses Guest-Hosting #TCMParty This Thursday Night (6/18)!

3dTCMPartyGreetings, Guys and Ghouls!

Ye Olde Dragon here, with a friendly reminder that this coming Thursday night – June 18, 2015 – I’ll be guest-hosting a #TCMParty during TCM‘s all-night “BUGGING OUT” marathon. I’ll be hosting two of the films, starting with Ishiro Honda‘s MOTHRA (1962) at 9:45PM EDT, followed by Gordon DouglasTHEM! (1954) at 11:45PM.

Watching THEM! on TCM has some historic significance, as it was one of the first movies that I enjoyed with the folks who would go on to form both the #TCMParty and the #DriveInMob. This was one of those movies shown on Thursdays in June of 2011, as part of TCM’s Double Feature Drive-In. That’s where it all began for the wonderful Tweet-a-longs we now enjoy. It also is probably the movie with the most profound use of the fabled Wilhelm Scream.

Keep in mind that the version of MOTHRA being shown is the US version, produced by Columbia, and not the original Toho version. MOTHRA is, however one of the less edited US versions of Toho films. The differences are one musical number and some vague religious connotations towards the end.

I hope you’ll join us for the fun! Make sure to use the hashtags #TCMParty and either #Mothra or #Them during their respective airings.

mothra-US-1SThe Thing From Another World-

…End of Line…


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