A Clarification On My Tweets regarding TCM’s Drive-in Double Features

I’d like to apologize for any confusion that I may have inadvertently caused with some of my tweets, in which I mentioned TCM‘s Drive-In Double Features which ran on Thursday nights in June 2011. A number of us were talking about how much we missed that grouping of movies and that we wished TCM would show it again. Someone had asked if anyone knew of a list of what was shown, and I responded that I had the list here on The Draconic Verses.

It has come to my attention, that some folks may have thought that I was listing a new set of movies being aired in June of this year. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. The only night that comes close is Thursday, June 18, 2015 on which TCM will be airing insect monster themed movies, under the collective name of “Bugging Out“.

There are quite a few of us, both members of #TCMParty and #DriveInMob have reached out to TCM multiple times over the past few years, pleading that they repeat this great batch of movies in this format, as so many of us first met and became fast friends during this time. It was truly a special and magical occurrence that many of us would like to indeed recapture.

So once more, to clarify the list that I provided a link for, was for a batch of films shown back in 2011 and not a list of films being shown in the near future. Once again, I most humbly apologize for any confusion that it may have caused.

End of Line


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