An Open Plea to @TCM: PLEASE Bring Back the DRIVE-IN DOUBLE FEATURE!!

tcm_logoTo the Powers That Be at Turner Classic Movies:

On behalf of a (granted) niche portion of your audience, I would like to plead the case for the return of a wonderful theme night:

The Drive-In Double Feature Thursdays.

The last time you ran these great (and some granted not-so-great) sci-fi films of the 50s &60s together was in June of 2011. This is a significant event among your fan & watcher base.

You’ve no doubt heard about the #TCMParty, the Tweet-along group of TCM fans. There’s another great group, the #DriveInMob. These groups came about mostly as a result of these films. Many of us have become close friends over the last 4 years, some even getting to meet at the TCMFF.

The #TCMParty is always promoting you, and I a;ways promote your showing Sci-Fi, Fantasy & classic horror films on my blog each month. On numerous occasions, other Bloggers and I have asked for the return of this mini-festival, to celebrate our first gathering. Please help us celebrate once more.

A few years back, I made this little promo:

DIDFDon’t let this happen to you!

In all seriousness, Please consider bringing it back. On behalf of your fans & watchers, I thank you for your attention.


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