Draconically Speaking: The 2015 Oscars

Draconically-2Good morning, Friends and Fiends! Well, it’s the morning after, and Ye Olde Dragon is going to Monday morning quarterback last night’s Oscars telecast.

First off, big-time kudos to Neil Patrick Harris who was indeed the host with the most. He kept the pace moving, with maybe only one joke that fell flat.

I also must give props to John Travolta for bigging up to last year’s name flub and willing to take a few jabs for it as well.

Ye Olde Dragon always admits when he is wrong. Last night when I discovered that Lady Gaga was going to be singing a tribute to THE SOUND OF MUSIC, I immediately tweeted, “WTF Oscar?” I was taken aback by the quality of, and the respect in, her performance. Props and respect, Lady Gaga. Props and respect.

In past years, I have ranted about the In Memoriam segment, but I have nothing on the Twitter-verse for the sheer instant retaliation at the apparent snub of Joan Rivers. There were a lot of folks screaming about Harold Ramis, but yours truly tried his best to calm things by reminding all that the beloved Egon Spengler was covered in last year’s segment, as he had passed away only days before the broadcast.

There were at least three oversights in the segment, pertaining to Imagi-Movies however:

Producer/Writer/Creator Glen Larson (there were theatrical releases of the pilots for BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY and the original BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, remember?)

Although not a household name, actor Richard Kiel certainly could never be forgotten once seen on the big screen. After all, it’s hard to forget a man with a titanium smile.

Jaques Bergerac is only really known for two roles: the gigolo that Eva Gabor cheats on Louie Jourdan with, in GIGI and as the evil hypnotist, Desmond, in THE HYPNOTIC EYE, so I can understand why he might be overlooked.

It’s sad when anyone is overlooked, but at least it’s not as bad as two years ago, when they missed 12 notable names.

One final note on the In Memoriam segment: the sketch portraits of many of the dear departed looked nice, except for Robin Williams‘ portrait. In my opinion, it looked more like Scott Bakula.

Now onto the awards themselves. To be honest, the number of nominated films that I saw this past year can be counted on one hand, so I can’t really comment too much on them. But there are a few things I would like to note:

1) With last night’s loss in its single nomination (Best Sound Editing), Sir Peter Jackson‘s Hobbit Trilogy Oscar count ends at zero. I’m not overly upset at this, as I have said in the past that this trio of films fell far short of Jackson’s triumphant LOTR Trilogy in quality, let alone recognition. That being said, there were several instances that I felt they were snubbed and/or robbed these past three years. Howard Shore‘s scores should have been recognized at least with nominations, but because of some nonsensical loophole, the score for AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY was actually disqualified for using elements of themes from the first trilogy regardless of the fact that AUJ revisited familiar characters and locations. His score for THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG had no such familiarity, so its being overlooked was indeed a head scratcher. In that musical vein, it’s certainly a head scratcher that The Last Goodbye, the closing song of THE BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES, didn’t get a nomination for best song, as opposed to the insipid Everything Is Awesome from THE LEGO MOVIE. As far as visual effects go, I have been on record saying that I did not like the lack of texture or depth due to the near – total use of CGI environments and elements as opposed to model work, though it was necessitated by filming in 3-D.

2) Admittedly, I did not see Disney‘s BIG HERO SIX (yet) but I was very surprised at it beating DreamWorksHOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2, which I thought was an absolutely beautiful movie in both appearance and story, surpassing its predecessor.

3) Did anyone else think it strange that the Best Director Oscar was presented by the guy universally reckoned as last year’s biggest snub (as in, not even nominated), Ben Affleck? Can you say… “Awkward”?
One final note: I would’ve loved to have seen Michael Keaton‘s face when Will Arnett came out playing the guitar, wearing the Batman suit made famous by Keaton, during the performance of Everything Is Awesome (which, thankfully, did not win).

Congratulations to all the winners.

End of Line…


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