The Old Format Changeth

sitenewsGreetings, Friends and Fiends!
Ye Olde Dragon here, with a wee bit of an update. For the past few months I have been contemplating changing the format of the blog, but the limitations that word press places on free accounts have prevented me from doing so. Almost since the beginning of the blog, I was able to utilize a nice, 50s movie – style font for my headlines and within the body of my posts as section headers. About two years ago, they did away with the free use of fonts for the free accounts, but anyone already utilizing special fonts would be able to continue doing so, provided they didn’t change their blog theme.
This was the primary impediment to my changing the theme of the blog. I liked my special font and didn’t want to lose it. Well, apparently at some point within the last few days this was no longer the case, as my nice stylized headlines were now gone. Perhaps it is a blessing in disguise, because now with the new theme I have chosen I do have a wider story space and can therefore utilize a larger image size in my posts.
Stay warm and stay safe, everyone!

– – – End of line…


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