Draconic Revamping Continues…

sitenewsGreetings and felicitations, Friends & Fiends!

Ye Olde Dragon here, continuing on my quest to revise/revamp/refurbish the blog. Some of the semi regular columns have been tweaked a little bit, but there’s still a bit of work to do as I strive to streamline the blog into a bit more cohesive and efficient undertaking. Some are merely oversights, such as the header at the top of this post – I only just now realized that I did not have a graphic for the category of “Site News“, and so I have corrected this.

Stemming from a desire to cover anniversaries of various types within the realm of Imagi-Movies more efficiently, I’m going to be combining general lists of release anniversaries, birthdays and anniversaries of passing under the new heading of “This Day in Imagi-Movies History“.

The reason I’m doing this, is because there are so many more than the individual titles and people that I single out for my Release Anniversary posts and Sirki’s Summons, respectively. This does not mean the end of these columns, it’s just that I don’t want to give the impression that one person is necessarily more important than another. However, if it’s someone that I feel my readers might find more interesting I might give them an entry of their own.


For example earlier this year, actress Carla Laemmle passed away at the age of 104. Now while she has an extremely limited entry in the IMDb, there is a very significant contribution that she made that I feel many people might find interesting. You see, Miss Laemmle has the distinction of speaking the first line in “… the first talking supernatural thriller“, as she herself put it in the documentary THE ROAD TO DRACULA (1999). That’s right, she spoke the first words in Tod Browning‘s DRACULA (1931). She’s the young lady with the large eyeglasses, reading about the Borgo Pass out loud to her fellow coach passengers.
Note: I’m embarrassed to admit that I only found out about her passing within the last week or two, after watching TCM‘s In Memoriam – 2014 video.
This kind of entry, I will still make note of in Sirki’s Summons, whereas someone who may have only had a casual connection to Imagi-Movies would be listed under the new broader heading. By all means, if you come across any names on these lists that you think deserves a Sirki’s Summons entry, drop me a line in the comment section, and I’ll see what I can do.

More to come…


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