December Is Toho Month On The Draconic Verses

Toho-LogoGreetings, Friends and Fiends, from the Land of the Rising Sun!

Some of you may recall that at the beginning of the year Ye Olde Dragon wrote a post about how December, historically, is the month that Toho has released Kaiju Eiga (monster movies) and Tokusatsu (live special-effects movies) over the past 50+ years.

So, as part of my year-long Godzilla celebration, I’m making sure that all of this month’s release anniversaries all get a post. I’ll be doing belated posts for the two movies I’ve already missed, but starting on the 9th I’ll be doing at least one a day through the 20th (except for the 18th which didn’t have a release) and a few more after that to close out the month (and year).

I do hope that you’ll join me on this journey back through time (and occasionally, space).

End of line…


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