One of My Designs Goes On Sale at @Arcane_Store!!

Greetings Friends & Fiends!

Ye Olde Dragon is VERY excited today to finally announce that one of my designs has been selected for sale at the ultra-cool Arcane Store! Those fine folks who provide such amazingly designed multi-genre movie and gaming related tee shirts have expanded into a wide variety of merchandise, such as caps, posters and mugs! A few weeks back, they contacted me, asking if I’d be interested in submitting designs for a new “Guest Designer Line“. Needles to say, I jumped at the chance! Here’s the design, inspired by Guillermo Del Toro’s PACIFIC RIM (2013) as it appears on their site, as a framed poster (also available non-framed):


Here’s where you can buy it!

I created this design in Adobe Illustrator, drawn freehand. The concept is the ‘Kaiju-Kill” hash mark painted on the Jaegers, to tally their kills. The red slash thru the head is symbolic of the “kill”, and contains the names of the Jaegers as they (and their crews) are the defense against them. The blue text, containing the names of the Kaiju is representative of the glowing ‘veins’ on the Kaijus’ bodies.

I want to thank the kind folks at Arcane for this opportunity. They offer great products, which is what I’ve been saying since I first won a shirt from them back in March!

Oh – they also are extending to anyone who goes there via the blog an offer to enjoy a 10% discount on their order. type in special code jpdraco10 and mention @DraconicVerses in your feedback/instruction note. Keep in mind, that they’re based in the UK and all prices are, naturally, in British Pounds.

Oh, and if you want the design on a shirt, be sure to let them know!



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