DVDraconic: Forthcoming Reviews

DVDraconic-1Greetings, Guys and Ghouls! Ye Olde Dragon here, bringing you tidings of the future! As previously stated by yours truly, I had planned on getting back to doing DVD/Blu-ray reviews of select releases, and that promise shall very soon be fulfilled. Earlier today I received, courtesy of my good friends at Warner Archives, a copy of the Blu-ray release of the complete first season of the fan-favorite animated series YOUNG JUSTICE.

They were also kind enough to send me a copy of their VOD DVD release of the Hanna-Barbera cult classic LEGENDS OF THE SUPERHEROES – a live action camp-fest version of the Justice League and the Legion of Doom from 1979, starring none other than Adam West and Burt Ward reprising their roles of Batman and Robin, as well as the inimitable Frank Gorshin once more donning the lime green leotard festooned with question marks of the Riddler.

Also on deck is the Blu-ray release of Gareth Edwards’ GODZILLA (2014) and the extended edition of Peter Jackson’s THE HOBBIT – THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG (2013), both released by Warner Home Video.

I hope that you’ll join me for these review and that the be of use to you in your purchasing and/or viewing decisions.


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