My Most Profound Apologies…

Greetings Friends and Fiends, Guys and Ghouls.

Ye Olde Dragon here, hanging my head humbly. I have been unusually remiss in my Draconic duties of late with nary a post since Comic Con, save my brief posting acknowledging the passing of Robin Williams.

Chief among my infractions is my failing to complete my participation in the Accidentally Hilarious Blogathon, and I offer my abject apologies for that.

I offer no excuses, though I do offer an explanation. Over the last few weeks, my family and I have been in a massive upheaval as we are repairing/rebuilding/refurbishing the entire upstairs portion of our house. This has resulted in massive amounts of packing up and hauling around the tonnage of my Draconic treasures, as well as furniture and other, familial items. This has usually been followed by massive bouts of exhaustion.

As many of you know, I’m not all that physically able, so things have been going a bit slower in that department than they could, but not by much. It’s mostly because of this ongoing situation, that I’ve not had the time nor energy to post my Imagi-Movies schedules, or my birthday salutes, or my regular Sirki’s Summons posts. I’ve been up most mornings at at 7:30 AM, due to workers of one vocation or another, and trying to get things done around them by the end of this week, the last few remaining bits of treasurer shall be packed and put into storage and things will be a little calm.

It’s actually more of the calm before the storm, however. As once the upstairs is completed, there’ll be work getting done downstairs, where my family will be living. You see, we have family moving in upstairs necessitating the transition of myself and my treasure hoard (as well as my brother and his things) to new, albeit smaller, accommodations. The room that I am currently residing in shall get worked on in about two weeks, wherein an opening will be made in the wall and said room shall be expanded into half of what is currently our family garage thus giving me a new extra-large Dragon Cave in which to dwell and horde my treasures. Rest assured, when completed there shall be photos aplenty posted.

Once I am able to have more time to work, be assured that things will be back to normal if not better. I will be somewhat redesigning the general look of the blog, if not the content. Also, I shall be attempting to increase my output in regards to reviewing Blu-ray and DVD releases. The first two of my newest review endeavors shall be courtesy of Warner Archives – the Blu-ray release of YOUNG JUSTICE season one and the DVD release of the live action fun-fest LEGENDS OF THE SUPERHEROES, starring Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin, which brought numerous DC heroes and villains to life for the first time, even if it was in a more campy vein.

So there’s something to look forward to. Again I’d like to offer my sincere apologies and hope that you understand the extreme situation I’ve been in. If you’ll excuse me now, I have to get back to packing up stuff.

Oh, before I forget – due to spatial restrictions and financial necessity, I will be putting sizable chunks of my various collections up for auction on eBay. I’ll announce auction starts here on the blog.


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