This just in! Dateline: San Diego Comic Con!

A short time ago, Legendary Pictures ended their panel with a couple of huge blasts of news! Legendary has already been showing fans of giant monster movies a whole lotta love between 2013’s PACIFIC RIM and 2014’s GODZILLA.

Well Friends and Fiends, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

At the very beginning of the panel, Legendary CEO Thomas Tull thanked the crowd for their reception of Gareth Edwards‘ version of GODZILLA and introduced the director on video. Edwards then went on to reveal that Godzilla would be facing some familiar foes in the future, as it was confirmed that Toho licensed the rights to the usage of Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidrah. Edwards also confirmed that he will return and direct GODZILLA 2, as soon as he was finished working on some sci-fi movie franchise of a name that escapes them at the moment.

Though Guillermo Del Toro did put in an appearance at the panel, he didn’t mention PACIFIC RIM 2 at all. However, Tull did mention it, in passing, at the end of the panel saying that he and Guillermo would talk about the production of either HELL BOY 3 or AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS after he finished PACIFIC RIM 2. He then thanked the crowd and said he had one quick thing to show them before they left the hall.
A teaser trailer then aired for an as yet unannounced film titled SKULL ISLAND. In the last moment of the trailer, a certain giant ape is seen. That’s right, Legendary is tackling the origins of King Kong for Universal, set for release on November 4, 2016.

Is that an amazing amount of giant monster love, or what?

Now, Ye Olde Dragon loves playing the guessing game and the movie gossip game, but I must tell you Guys and Ghouls, I’m not feeling in the old Draconic gut that Legendary will be gearing up towards a new version of Ishiro Honda’s KING KONG VS. GODZILLA (1962). This doubt stems from two factors:

1) The fact that Universal still owns the film distribution rights for Kong while Warner’s owns them for Godzilla.

2) If Legendary holds true to their pattern of respecting the original properties, it is more than likely that their version of King Kong will be nowhere near as gigantic as their version of Godzilla.

Now, what isn’t too far of a reach, is that we’re looking at very good odds that the second Legendary Godzilla movie will be a remake (of sorts) of Honda’s GHIDRAH THE THREE HEADED MONSTER (1964), considering that all four of that film’s featured Kaiju are confirmed to appear

Even still, that’s a hell of a lot great news for giant monster fans coming out of one panel! We have so much to look forward to over the next few years. I can hardly wait. I for one would like to say thank you to Legendary Pictures for infusing new life into my favorite movie genre.


Now if only I can get a hold of someone there who can get me press/media kits and review copies!


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