Outspoken and Freckled


It’s the dry, sandy desert of the New Mexico landscape of the 1950’s.  A small plane circles above in radio communication to the two state patrol officers driving in the squad car below. The pilot has alerted the officers there’s a little girl wandering the desolate area alone and agrees to follow above until they reach her. When Officer Ben Peterson calls to her, she continues to march along completely unaware of his presence, even after he tries to talk with her. The little girl in braids and a plaid robe stares blankly ahead as she numbly clutches her porcelain baby doll with a cracked head. She appears to be in shock.



Further down the road, they discover a campsite in complete disarray… a station wagon with doors flung open, a trailer littered with damaged belongings, including money and a recently blood-stained cloth. Nearby, sugar cubes are scattered about, as…

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