Shout Out to @ArcaneMovieTees!

Greetings my most excellent Friends and Fiends!

Last week, Ye Olde Dragon was most fortunate in winning a prize from the good folks at, during their weekly #ArcaneMonday Twitter giveaway. The prize was a T-shirt of my choosing from their site. I immediately surfed on over and started perusing the vast, entertaining and visually stunning selection.

Now, as some of you may know, Ye Olde Dragon is (as Dragons tend to be) of the “larger-than-life” persuasion and the shirt sizes were listed at a 2X maximum. I wrote an email to them, asking if it might be possible to substitute a cap for a shirt as I needed at least a 3X. I also asked if there were any plans to add larger sizes, as – stereotypes aside – a large part of the genre movie fans are of a similar “larger-than-life” persuasion to myself.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I received a reply from Paul at Arcane, telling me that they can send me out a 3X shirt with no problem. On top of that, he added that Arcane will be adding 3X shirts across their entire range over the next few months.

Talk about amazing customer service, even for a prize winner. Do yourselves a favor my friends, and visit their site and buy some of their quality gear! You’ll be glad you did.

Oh and as for my choice?



Make sure to follow them on Twitter at @ArcaneMovieTees & check for their awesome weekly giveaways!


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