Kaiju Fans Assemble! A Call to Arms!

Here I go again, about to possibly stir up trouble. As you no doubt know, this is the 60th anniversary year of Godzilla. No doubt, as we approach the May 16 release of the new Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures incarnation of Godzilla, more people will become aware of this momentous occasion.

Limited audiences are being treated to big-screen showings of Ishiro Honda’s GOJIRA (1954) in April. This theater run (courtesy of Rialto Pictures) is initiated at this year’s TCM Classic Film Festival, where they are debuting a new restoration from the original 35mm fine grain.

TCM has shown, once again, their respect for the work of director Ishiro Honda. This was made most evident on June 15, 2012 when they spotlighted Honda’s work with four of his films being shown in their original versions, as opposed to the edited US versions. What I am about to propose will hopefully be a no-brainer, considering this respect.

Early last year, I initiated an unsuccessful plea to TCM to air the original KING KONG on the evening of its 80th anniversary. Although I never received a reply from anyone at TCM, I had the feeling that it was a question of timing as I started talking about it only two or three months prior to the night in question. I learned my lesson, and that is why I am starting this almost 8 months early.

November 3, 2014 is the 60th anniversary of the original GOJIRA. While I appreciate and thank TCM for showing the film at its Festival, it’s something that can only be enjoyed by a select group of people. This is also the case with the limited theatrical run.
This is why I am asking – make that pleading – with TCM to please give this film its recognition this coming November 3, with a night that it deserves. Perhaps serving as the tentpole for a spotlight evening during which I would recommend showing the original Japanese versions of other films in the series. May I suggest (at least) the inclusion of Honda’s MOTHRA VS. GODZILLA (a.k.a. GODZILLA VS. THE THING) as it cemented the future of the franchise, as well as the beginning of Toho’s “shared universe” of their Kaiju films. It also features one of the best (if not the best) of the Godzilla suits of the entire franchise.

So, TCM, what say you? I have placed the ball squarely in your court at this time. It is time to make your play. What say you?


I call upon all Kaiju Fans, Japanese Cinemaphiles and my friends in the #DriveInMob and #TCMParty to spread the word and let TCM know (politely) that you want to see Gojira (1954) on the evening of November 3, 2014.

Let’s make this happen.


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