Hail to the King, Baby!

May 16, 2014

Make sure you mark that date on your calendar Friends and Fiends!
That’s the release date of the Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures version of GODZILLA (2014). Over the last few years, scraps of information have been few and far between, with almost no imagery whatsoever. The closest that we came to any kind of picture of Godzilla himself, was a blurry silhouette from a fuzzy cell phone picture of a 12 second promo tease that was shown on a movie screen at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con, during the Warner Bros. presentation panel. (The pic below is from the teaser when it was officially released)


Fast-forward to July, 2013. The scene was once again San Diego Comic Con. Only this time, there was something called The Godzilla Experience. An entire building, several blocks away from the convention center, was converted into a combination museum and movie studio theme ride. There were artifacts from every era of Toho’s Godzilla franchise, including original movie posters, models and even a few monster suits. There was a section of Godzilla toys and even a section highlighting conceptual art and sculptures used in developing Godzilla for the new movie. Even the food vendors were thematic, between sandwich names and furnishings meant to evoke Japanese restaurants. They even had a phone app, that had a ‘scavenger hunt’ function that you could participate in, even if you weren’t at the Con. The reward? A previously unreleased piece of conceptual art for your phone.


Throughout the weekend, twitter was flooded with pictures taken at various points of the attraction. There was also the promise of her released trailer, but it turned out to be mostly the footage shown the year before. However someone did leak video footage of the and of the “ride”, which featured attendees in a facsimile of a high-rise office looking out onto the city as Godzilla walked by and then turned and faced the room they were in.

G-2014-1 G-2014-2

Legendary Pictures reps were teasing that the “official” final look for Godzilla might very well be some place within the building. With speculation fueled, everyone eagerly waited for the first official teaser trailer to be released online, as opposed to being exclusively seen by the audiences at Comic Con. When it did finally come out a few months later, we got an idea of the scale that the Big G was going to be in. That red light, for those of you who haven’t seen the trailer is a flare attached to a paratrooper’s ankle.


Between this trailer, the conceptual art and most importantly, Godzilla’s tell-tale roar being heard on the trailer, it looked like we were finally going to get our blockbuster US version of Godzilla that was promised to us back in 1998 but never got. We were still waiting for some sign to confirm our hopes. That sign came, in the form of some leaked pictures from NYC Toy Fair 2014!

godzilla 2014 toy 1 godzilla-2014-light-and-sound-godzilla-toyNotice the glow inside the mouth? That (possibly) answers the question of if Godzilla will have his signature atomic breath. It certain;y looked promising! There was still something missing, though. Cue Legendary Pictures & Warner Bros. on Feb. 24, 2014 – they released a long trailer that was showing the most clear shots of Godzilla yet, and extended scenes and some new background, including specific mention of 1954 – the year of Godzilla’s first appearance in Ishiro Honda’s GOJIRA (1954). EXCELLENT touchstone! See for yourself:

This trailer has me more enthusiastic and excited to see a new movie more than any other in many years. I can honestly say that I haven’t wanted to see a movie so much since 2001, just prior to the release of Sir Peter Jackson’s THE LORD OF THE RINGS – THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING. But that’s not the end! Two days after the trailer hit, Empire Magazine revealed a new cover –


I think it’s safe to say that we have a GREAT movie to see this May. I plan on getting in line for a midnight show! I cannot wait!!


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