Shout Out to The #Bond_Age_Podcast!

Greetings, my most excellent Friends and Fiends!

Ye Olde Dragon here today, with a bit of a heads up. If you like fun podcasts, I urge you to check out the #Bond_Age_Podcast! It’s the official podcast of The James Bond Social Media Project, headed up by @007hertzrumble, a.k.a. James David Patrick.

I met James through various sessions of the ever wonderful #TCMparty, and we began to follow each other on Twitter. Recently, I happened to catch a tweet of his asking for a voiceover volunteer to do a Sean Connery impression to do intros and bridges. Well, I’ve been known to do a fair Connery impression in my time, so I offered my services. He sent me a few basic scripted lines, and told me to go ahead and even improv and riff a couple of lines if I wanted to. I did, and sent them to him. Well, he must’ve liked them as he asked me for a few more, which I did.

So by all means go and visit and give a listen to his podcast. He’s also setting up life video tweet-a-longs. You can find my lines on parts one and two of episode three, the “Diamonds Are Forever Hatecast”, but check them all out if you want to enjoy a passionate, yet occasionally irreverent, tribute to the cinematic world of James Bond. Tell him “Not Sean Connery” sent you.



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