Sirki’s Summons – January 11: The Original Kato


Greetings from Beyond The Veil, O worthy Friend!
Today marks the day, 23 years ago, that an actor as easily recognizable by his voice as well as his face, was called upon by Prince Sirki.

He played the Green Hornet’s sidekick Kato, over 20 years before Bruce Lee.
He was the wizened old shopkeeper in Gremlins.
He gave voice to the heroes in both Gigantis the Fire Monster and Rodan in the dubbed, American versions of those films.
On the TV series Kung Fu he portrayed Master Po.
In the 1970s, he gave voice to the villainous’s Zoltar on Battle of the planets and legendary detective Charlie Chan, in the cartoon series The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan.
The second was an inspired choice, as for so many years in the original Charlie Chan motion pictures he portrayed Detective Chan’s “Number One Son”, Lee.
By now it should be obvious that I speak of Keye Luke.

Keye Luke1 Keye Luke2 Keye Luke3


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