Ah, Technology…

Greetings, friends and fiends. Ye Olde Dragon here hoping you had an enjoyable Boxing Day, and of course a very Merry Christmas.
I’m actually writing this post with one of my own Christmas presents. I received Dragon naturally speaking 12, and I’m trying it out to post. The last few months, my typing hasn’t been the greatest due to fatigue and the unfortunate progression of arthritis.
I asked for this in the hope that it would make things easier, and it certainly seems to be fitting the bill. As with any new technology this will take some getting used to, with the verbal commands, but it should also definitely save on the wear and tear of my fingers since I’ll only have to do the occasional mouse – click for positioning on sites like WordPress.
I’m also hoping that this will help with my creative flow as it lets me type my stream of thought a lot easier.

At any rate, this is a happy development despite the slight downer of a reason. No frowns, no sorrow. Just wish me luck on this new stairway on my journey.

We’ll soon return you to your regularly scheduled Draconic Verses blog, no worries.


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