TONIGHT!! Final Future Shock Friday Lineup – 9/27/13

futureshocktcm_logoGreetings future dwellers! To night is the final round of TCM’s Friday Night Future Shock Festival.

This last night deals with the mutation of the human race in the near and the far flung future. It starts off with George Pal’s classic, THE TIME MACHINE (1960), where time traveler George (Rod Taylor), travels thousands of years into the future and meets the fearsome underground dwelling (and cannibalistic) Morlocks. Charlton Heston makes his second appearance in the festival, this time as the title hero of Boris Sagal’s  OMEGA MAN (1971). In this second adaptation of Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend, The survivors of the human race have been turned into a race of nocturnal albino mutants by a plague brought on by a biological war.


Keep in mind, all times are Eastern Daylight Time.

Friday, September 27, 2013

8:00 PM The Time Machine (1960)
10:00 PM World Without End (1955)
11:30 PM The Omega Man (1971)
1:30 AM A Boy and His Dog (1974)


omega_man boy_and_his_dog


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