Week TWO of @TCM’s Future Shock Fridays Airs Tonight!



Greetings from the future, Guys & Ghouls!

Ye Olde Dragon here with your lineup for tonight’s TCM FUTURE SHOCK FRIDAY festival! We have a trio of the 70s’ most prolific Sci-Fi epics and the most recent film in the month-long festival, Steven Spielberg’s MINORITY REPORT (2002), a tale which puts an interesting twist on George Orwell’s “Thought Police” – that ran rampant all over the people in his masterwork, 1984 – in that a trio of precognitive youngsters predict crimes before they happen. It’s an interesting riddle of whether we all have mastery of our fate, or are we destined to be locked into a future that has already been witnessed. Join in the fun with #TCMParty and #DriveInMob tonight. All times are Eastern Daylight Time.


Friday, September 13, 2013

8:00 PM Soylent Green (1973)
9:45 PM Minority Report (2002)
12:15 AM Logan’s Run (1976)
2:30 AM Mad Max (1979)


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