Light Fare Abounds on September 11 on @TCM


If you’ve checked out my post about this month’s Imagi-Movie schedule, you may have noticed a day with a batch of musicals. As to why they were listed, it’s because these are all musicals with a distinct fantasy element.

3:45 AM Brigadoon (1954) – The village that comes and goes in the Highland mists every 100 years
10:45 AM Carousel (1956) – A carousel barker comes back from “up there” to help the daughter he never met
1:00 PM Finian’s Rainbow (1968) – A wily immigrant tricks a leprechaun out of his crock of gold
3:30 PM tom thumb (1958) – The Grimm fairy tale comes to life
5:30 PM Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968) – An eccentric inventor builds a magical car for his children

These are all very family friendly, lighthearted fare. I was wondering why TCM might have this particular selection when I noticed the date for this lineup was for Wednesday, September 11.

On this very solemn, serious day, while there’s so much depression and sorrow airing on so many networks, why not show something light? I for one support this. As a New Yorker, I know how sad this date is but there are so many channels that air the reading of the list of names, or reenactments of the day’s events, or even rebroadcasting their coverage as it happened in real time, couldn’t we use something lighthearted? I don’t know if it was intentional on anyone’s part, but I am glad that they did it.


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