Perhaps a Change of Scenery?

“I know engineers, they LOVE to change things!”


Well, truth be told, so do artists & designers.

“Design never stands still.”

– Peter Lyon, Swordsmith for THE LORD OF THE RINGS Trilogy

See what I mean? Why bring this up? Well, as any longtime readers of the DV may know, I change things up every so often, so as not to appear stagnant. Confined within a blog, there’s not too much I can really do, as I’m not a ‘premium subscriber’. So I make do by revamping column headers (I think I’ve gone thru 3 or 4 iterations of the Sirki’s Summons header) and occasionally adding a section that I may have overlooked, or to better categorize posts.

Well, I’m getting a little restless again.

I’m going to look into new possibilities/alternatives to WordPress, as much as I LIKE them here. The thing is, if I choose to stay, and change the layout of the blog itself, I’ll lose my 1 ‘special’ font which I added in before it became a ‘pay only’ feature. That font is the one I use as post headlines and section headers for my movie schedule posts. If I can find a decent free site builder/host I can at least use different fonts then. But for now, the general layout will be the same.

So to start with, I did a revamp on Fred – the loveable Green Dragon mascot here. Going from a little more ‘cartoony’ look to a semi-realistic one –

Fred – Before
Fred – After

Which do you, the reader, prefer? I’m honestly curious. I’ve used new Fred on the header, which is also meant as a splash page/cover for a hopeful new project.

Here’s another new test idea –

I’ve been wondering if I should change the “Sirki’s Summons” column. Some may see it as irreverent, or even somehow mocking. I actually never thought of that, and it was certainly never my intent. So perhaps a heading more inline with the ‘horror’ aspect of Imagi-Movies would be better suited? I came up with this:


The Book of the Dead, as seen in both cinematic versions of THE MUMMY, certainly seems to fit the bill.

Again, I ask you readers to please help me out and let me know what you think. Your opinions really do matter to me.

Hit me up in the comments section, or even on Twitter at @DraconicVerses.


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