SPOILER ALERT – Justice League of America (2013) #5



Well, this isn’t so much of a spoiler. I mean, in its preview it sent around today, DC Comics pretty much did that. So I’ll forgo my normal warning. For something they seemed to spend so much time building up to, with all the speculation on various comic fan sites about how Selena was going to survive / be brought back from being shot in the head at the end of issue #4, I can’t help but feel that someone in the marketing department screwed up. Granted, the page bottom (shown AFTER the cover, just in case you WANT to be surprised tomorrow) doesn’t show the de facto  scene, but it’s rather obvious if you’re a regular JLA reader.



Hmmmm…glowing red eyes, someone who has control of every molecule of their body, including making part of it look like blood, leaked out? What do you want to bet that “Selina” turns into a certain Mean Green Mother from Outer Space and I DON’T mean Audrey II. Good thing they didn’t have any Oreos on them.


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