Thank you once again, Warner Archives!


Last year, during one of my multiple posts of lamentation that we still had not seen George Pal’s WONDERFUL WORLD OF THE BROTHERS GRIMM (1962) (its fiftieth anniversary year), I wrote about a few of Pal’s works not being in print at the present. Among these was Byron Haskin’s THE NAKED JUNGLE (19573) – the tale of a plantation owner’s (Charlton Heston) struggle for survival against a deadly plague of Maribunta Ants and his evolving relationship with his mail-order bride (Eleanor Parker).


Well, Warner Archives has just released it into print again, bringing the amount of George Pal films it offers to six.

Now we need Rudolph MatĂ©’s WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE (1951) and Haskin’s CONQUEST OF SPACE (1955) made available again, and Pal’s portfolio of works should be fully available between numerous sources.

I would recommend grabbing it from Warner Archives. It’s a thrill-packed, old-school adventure flick!

Naked Jungle


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