Sirki’s Summons – June 20: A Witch’s Witch


Greetings from beyond The Veil. Today marks the 29th anniversary of the passing of character actress Estelle Winwood, whom always seemed to be cast as a witch of one sort or another. Be it as Samantha’s Aunt Enchantra, on Bewitched, or as Sybil – foster mother of Gary Lockwood’s George in Bert I. Gordon’s THE MAGIC SWORD (1962). She’s even played parts where people thought she was a witch, such as Marsha, Queen of Diamond’s Aunt Hilda on several Batman episodes or in Robert Stevenson’s DARBY O’GILL & THE LITTLE PEOPLE (1959), as Sheelah Sugrue – the town bully’s mother whom Darby was positive was a witch. He even made his daughter wear her holy medals when talking to her. She even has a song dedicated to her by Crow on MST3K.



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