Happy 86th Birthday to Yoshio Tsuchiya


Birthday greetings to veteran Toho character actor, Yoshio Tsuchiya, who starred as the titular villain in Ishiro Honda’s GASU NINGEN DAI ICHIGO (1960) – aka THE HUMAN VAPOR (1964). He turns 86 today.

Tsuchiya is probably best known to genre fans for his portrayals of Alien leaders – The Controller of Planet X in Honda’s KAIJU DAISENSO (1965) – aka MONSTER ZERO (1070) – & as the Mysterian Leader in Honda’s CHIKYÛ BÔEIGUN (1957) aka THE MYSTERIANS (1959) ; and humans taken over by aliens such as the hapless Dr. Otani in Honda’s KAIJÛ SÔSHINGEKI(1968) – aka DESTROY ALL MONSTERS (1969) – and Space Pilot Iwomura in Honda’s UCHÛ DAISENSÔ (1959) – aka BATTLE IN OUTER SPACE (1960). Mr. Tsuchiya was also a favorite actor of legendary director Akira Kurasawa, who would ‘lend’ him out for pictures to Ishiro Honda.




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