Draconic Verses Hosting a #TCMParty Weds Night, 5/15/13 8PM


Greetings Culture Lovers & Movie Fans! I’m just letting you know that this coming Wednesday night, May 15, I’m once again fortunate enough to be hosting a #TCMParty. For the occasion, I’ll be using my new @TCM_Dragon handle.

We’ll be watching the seminal Science-Fiction masterpiece,  Fred M. Wilcox’s FORBIDDEN PLANET (1956), starring Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis and Leslie Nielsen. The film is also notable as the debut of the classic Sci-Fi icon, Robby the Robot as well as being the only sound film to not have any theme music or musical score – just ‘electrical tonalities’ created by Louis & Bebe Barron. It’s a very important film, as it’s been said that if not for Forbidden Planet being given such a huge push by MGM, we might not have seen later ‘Big Budget’ Sci-Fi films.

So join the Party at 8:00PM EDT this Wednesday night, as we land on Altair IV. Just search for #TCMParty on Twitter and use it in your posts and you’ll be part of the fun! (Odds are that there’ll be some folks using #DriveInMob as well)

forbiddenplanjpgFor those who’ve never been to a #TCMParty, or experienced the #DriveInMob, it’s a bunch of movie fans that get together to tweet during a movie. They can get silly (or sometimes quite naughty) but it’s a lot of fun. You can also get quite a bit of info about the films &  their casts and crews. It’s also a great way to meet new friends with similar interests. We started doing this informally about two years ago when TCM had featured Sci-Fi & Monster Movies during a month of “Drive In Double Features” and we decided to keep doing it. These Tweet-a-Longs are addictive, so be warned!

See you Wednesday night!


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