SPOILER ALERT! A Prediction For Batwing #19



OK, today’s SPOILER ALERT! Is a bit different than normal. Instead of my revealing something shocking or surprising, I’m actually making a prediction. Today’s particular date notwithstanding, this is NOT a joke on my part, but an idea that occurred to me over the weekend especially reading Jimmy Palmiotti’s answers to questions at WonderCon.

Basically, He’s made a point of saying that it’s a NEW Batwing in a new suit of armor as opposed to David Zavimbe simply wearing a new suit, as he put on at the end of issue 18. On Saturday, Palmiotti said this:

“Without giving it away, I will say that it’s somebody tied very close to the Batman family.”

Here’s his quote, as seen on Newsarama, from yesterday’s DC “Spoiler Sunday” panel:
Palmiotti says he “refuses to do a spoiler” on Batwing. “#19 comes out next week, I’d rather leave it to you guys to read, but there’s a new Batwing. The brand-new Batwing is “tied very, very closely to the Batman family. If you read the Batman books, and you read the last couple of pages of #19, you’re just going to smile and get where we’re going with this. The new Batwing is “a lot more international, pretty much has adventures all over the world.”
So someone tied very closely to the Batman Family.
OK – Let’s look at the possibilities –
1) Dick Grayson: No way, as he’s obviously moving to Chicago to deal with the man who killed his parents.
2) Damian Wayne: Um, no, he’s dead (at least for now).
3) Tim Drake: Tim (or someone LOOKING like him) is very busy with the Teen Titans. Nope.
4) Jason Todd: Recovering from his burning, and busy with the Outlaws. Uh uh.
5) Barbara Gordon: No.
6) Commissioner Gordon: Interesting, but then we have the whole weird goings on in Batman 19, so probably not.
So who’s that leave?
Well, someone who feels he has something to prove to Batman, or to redeem himself for. Someone who was just told by Bruce Wayne to get far away from him.
I say the new Batwing will be:
Have a great day!

ok – another possibility might be Terry McGuinness, considering how much the new suit looks like the Batman Beyond suit but I think that’s a longer shot than Alfred.


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