Draconically Speaking: TCM, Give KONG His Night!


Ladies & Gentlemen, let’s get to it!
We have just under a month to hopefully change TCM’s mind.

As I recently wrote, TCM is neither airing nor honoring Merian C. Cooper & Ernest B. Schoedsack’s KING KONG (1933) on the evening of its 80th Anniversary, April 7, 2013. I firmly hope that it was merely an oversight and that perhaps, together, we can get them to correct it.

I am asking all of you in the TCM fan community (especially participants in TCMParty and DriveInMob) to please help me, and lend your voices to my plea to the powers that be at TCM, to honor Kong with the tribute that it so richly deserves. As I wrote in my piece, it’s an important picture, and its central character is one of the most empathic creatures ever put on film. The fact that he was roughly 2′ tall & made of nuts, bolts, cotton wadding, make-up putty & rabbit fur is a tribute to the mastery of Willis O’Brien & his team of artists and engineers. They – as well as the rest of the crew and wonderful cast – deserve this spotlight. Let’s give it to them.

To do this, I’m asking you to spread the word. I’m asking you to tweet to @TCM directly and to your followers using the hashtag: #PutKongOnTcm If you want to include a link to this page or my previous Kong article, that would be great, too.

I also made a small graphic with Kong’s anniversary date and the hashtag on it and ask those of you with film blogs to please add it to your sites and/or facebook pages. It’s only 12K.


Thanks for your attention, and hopefully, for your help. TCM knows that the TCMParty and DriveInMob exist, and have acknowledged our importance in getting their brand trending on multiple occasions.

They’ve heard us, now let’s get them to listen!


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