Dracomics – The Guessing Game: JLA (2013) Issue 05


Cue game show-esque music…

Hey, welcome to The GUESSING GAME!

OK, THAT’S gonna get old REALLY fast. Forget I went there. PLEASE.

At any rate, earlier today, DC released the solicitations for the June-published issues of the comics within the JUSTICE LEAGUE ‘family’.

One description (and cover, see below) really stood out to me: Justice League of America #5.


Here’s the pertinent copy:

“Reeling from the traumatic death following issue #4’s cliffhanger, the “world’s most dangerous team” discovers what the Secret Society is ultimately after—and who they are. But can Steve Trevor get this uncontrollable team under control before it’s too late? Plus, a revelation about Stargirl leaves one of her team members out for blood.”


OK – who’s in the pine box? Who’s taking the dirt nap? Buying the farm, shuffling of this mortal coil and joining the choir invisible?

Well, let’s look at the main team/cast members and
how safe their future may be.

Green Lantern Baz: Aside from the fact that his hand is visible on the cover, I highly doubt a star/main character of another “family’s” title would be allowed to get killed off in a team book.
Outlook for Survival: Safe

Martian Manhunter: Again, J’onn’s hand is visible on the cover. While he doesn’t have his own book, he has the backup story in JLA, plus he’s too major a player in the overall scheme of things in the New52 (or so they keep hinting at).
Outlook for Survival: Safe

Hawkman: Once more, his hand is shown on the cover. Even though his book was just cancelled, and this book is supposed to be his home for the foreseeable future, there are supposed to be some mysterious ‘big plans’ for Carter/Katar.
Outlook for Survival: Safe

Steve Trevor: He is mentioned within the solicitation as having to get the team’s act together. Kind of hard to do if he’s dead, no? OR, could it be Trevor’s death that would bring them together? There hasn’t been anything written in regards to this being a ‘real’ or ‘faked’ death. Could Trevor & Waller contrive of something like this? Odds are they couldn’t pull it off, as Manhunter would know.
Outlook for Survival: Safe

Katana: Her fifth issue is solicited in the same list as JLA 5. Neither her death, nor ‘final issue’ is mentioned.
Outlook for Survival: Safe

Vibe: Same reason as Katana. HOWEVER – in his own book, he’s ‘forced to turn against/is on the run from A.R.G.U.S.’ Could this stem from something that happens in JLA 4 & 5? Perhaps even the ‘traumatic death’? Could his ‘handler’ Dale Gunn (who was the JLA Detroit ‘handyman’ pre-Flashpoint) be the victim?
Outlook for Survival: Safe

Green Arrow: His book is also in the ‘family’ solicitation. Even more noteworthy, his book is among the 19 titles that DC offers a subscription for. I’d say that’s a sure sign of survival. Plus, they did the whole ‘heart monitor long beeep’ routine at the end of JLA #1
Outlook for Survival: Safe

Catwoman: While the solicitation for her own book hasn’t been shown yet, her book, like GA, is among the 19 subscription titles. Also, like Baz, I doubt a titled character from another ‘family’ would be offed here.
Outlook for Survival: Safe

Stargirl: This fan favorite (at least from the pre-Flashpoint era) is also one of Geoff Johns’ favorite creations. The thing is, could her ‘death’ be a part of some strange evolution? Or faked, to give the other team members something to rally around? What’s the revelation that makes a teammate hunger for blood? Even the ‘out for blood’ can be taken in different ways – Is it something someone wants to get back at her for, or something to avenge for her? Also, Pat Dugan (Stripesy in the Pre-Flashpoint continuity as well as Courtney’s step-dad) is supposed to figure into things with the JLA. Could he be the one to get killed?
Outlook for Survival: Unsure

The only other person it might be is someone who hasn’t appeared in the book yet, but was mentioned in the first issue. I’m talking about Etta Candy. Ms. Candy was Steve Trevor’s aide de camp/paramour in the pre-Flashpoint continuity. She has some importance once more, and would certainly inspire Steve to soldier on.

Final thought – the coffin is draped in the U.S. Flag. This is an honor reserved only for military personnel or government officials. That points to Etta, Dale Gunn, or dare we say…Amanda Waller herself? I think the Wall is right out, considering how much she deals with between the remnants of Team 7 and the Suicide Squad, and having her hands in all levels of government metahuman matters.

Those are my reasons/choices. What’s yours? In any case, we’ll find out in June who will live and who will die.


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