Another Day, Another New Feature

And so, the evolution continues.

Earlier in the year, I said I’d be adding some new features. Today, I realized that I’ve never really had a general op/ed column here. I’d just try to post things that fell into an appropriate category. In the past, I haven’t really done too much of this, leaving my opinions to 140 characters or less, over on Twitter. But with last week’s pieces that I wrote about the ‘In Memorium’ snubs, I felt a lot more comfortable with it than I have previously. The amount of positive response to them I got didn’t hurt, either. I think I can open up about other things that either irk me or that I like more easily now, and applying my tenacity to the task of (hopefully) clearly, and precisely, getting my points across, it can only make me a better writer. So when you see this heading, you’ll know that I’m just speaking my mind.



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