New Feature – SPOILER ALERT!

Greetings, Friends! Welcome to a new feature here on Draconic Verses. I’ve decided that part of the turnaround here on the blog is going to be a larger concentration on comics than there’s previously been. Some of you might recall when I reviewed the first week of the DC New 52, I had included a WTF moment as part of my criteria (at least I’d planned on it, when I was going to attempt to review the entire New 52 debut. We all know how well THAT went. Ah, well.

At any rate, the premise is, is that I’m going to post a panel/page/frame that I think might have some major significance, be it a “Holy Crap!” moment, a la Detective Comics #1’s ending with the Joker’s face tacked to his cell wall, or something that might just make you go, “Hmmm”, like how Pandora showed up in each & every #1 of the New52 first wave.

There have certainly been plenty of BOTH recently, especially as both Marvel & DC are heading into their first big ‘events’ or their newly revised/revamped/rebooted universes. The biggest in recent memory HAS to have been the final page of Amazing Spider-Man #698, where we found out that none other than Doc Ock is in the driver’s seat in Spider-Man’s body, while Peter is pulling a “Boston Brand” bit (an aha moment itself, from the end of Superior Spider-Man #1).  I’ll also be including shocks/surprises from comics-related media, be it movies, or TV shows – both live & animated.

Now, as the title implies, there will be possible/probable spoilers. I’ll be posting these on Fridays, to allow 2 days to go by after New Comic Day (Wednesdays, for the uninitiated), in the hopes that you may have already read the books. I’ll also list WHAT the clip will be from in the headline so you can decide for yourself whether or not you want to read.

OK? So when you see this new header:


You’ll know whether or not to read on. Please let me know if you like the idea.



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