A Comic Blast From Christmas Past


Greetings and Merry Christmas, my most excellent friends! Thought I’d play Ghost of Christmas Past & tickle your grey cells. Anyone out there remember Treasury Editions? For those that know not of what I speak, these were very over-sized comics put out both by DC & Marvel back in the 1970’s, featuring reprints of classic stories, pertaining to certain themes or characters. This format, measuring 10″ x 13-1/2″, proved popular with both Marvel & DC fans. Among the most popular, of course, were those of collected holiday stories. DC’s were called “Christmas With the Super-Heroes”, while Marvel’s boasted the title, “Giant Super-Hero Holiday Grab-Bag”. How many of us woke on Christmas morning & found one of these rolled up in our stockings? Enjoy the flashback, courtesy of these covers.

3135224199_5b19dea2b3_b christmassuper comicadvent_122309 treasury1975


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